Hopeful Consulting

Welcome to Hopeful Consulting!

Over the past 6 years I have been traveling around the world speaking, and sharing my story…in the hopes that I could help others to get through their own hard stuff and make a meaningful impact. Since, I have connected with over 230,000 people in person in my travels, and 1.5 Million virtually.

Then I started presenting workshops, training and teaching a course based on the components of ‘Choosing Hope’, which has been so inspiring, to actually share in other peoples’ hard stuff and get to be engaged with them.

Over the past year, I have been receiving so many requests for advice, for opportunities to connect and share, for guidance. And so a few months ago I decided to listen to those inquires, those questions, those of you who said, ‘How do I get through it too?’ or ‘What do I do now? Go Next?’ ‘Where do I go from here?’

The first page of ‘Choosing Hope’ holds one of my favorite quotes: “All glory comes from daring to begin.’ And so I urge you, begin, begin today, move forward with purpose and with passion for what you believe to be most important. Take the first step. Begin.

I am so excited to announce, that thanks to all of those inquiries, ‘Hopeful Consulting’ has taken shape! Now, anyone can access and connect with me directly for a one hour Skype session (independent or group), which can be repeated as many times as you’d like/need. These sessions will be tailored around the 4 components of Choosing Hope: Purpose, Perspective, Overcoming and Hope, and will be specifically made for you based on your pre-session survey. Sessions are hourly. I am so excited to connect, share and find hope with you!

To set up your Hopeful Consult email me at: kroig@classes4classes.org

Email kroig@classes4classes.org or submit the contact page here for any and all questions!