Kaitlin has spoken to over 235,000 people, 270 audiences in 4 countries, and  35 states and counting. Kaitlin shares her own personal darkest hour, as well as 4 key components crucial to moving forward, to encourage audiences to overcome their own.

She speaks to many varied audiences: educators, students, school boards, non-profit organizations, first responders, large leadership conferences, corporations, women’s groups and more. She has also served on many panels as a guest expert. Kaitlin believes that the things we endure don’t have to define us. She shares this with her audiences and in her book ‘Choosing Hope’.

Kaitlin is excited for all of the audiences scheduled for 2020!


“Everything. I’m so grateful to be in this conference. Kaitlin has changed my life. Thanks.”

~ Government of Alberta Canada Conference

“We had more than 18,000 people view our Facebook Page the day we posted about Kaitlin’s visit – the feedback was unanimously and overwhelmingly positive. Honestly, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to plan a more poignant or inspiring back-to-school program again.”

Seneca Valley School District

“Kaitlin was a very eloquent speaker who really captivated the audience’s attention.”

~ University of Connecticut

“What an inspirational way to kick off a new year and the message by our guest speaker was phenomenal and should inspire all of us to dig a little deeper and give a little more- reach for the things that are lacking in today’s society!”

~ Excelsior Springs School District #40, Staff

“SUBOG loved hosting Kaitlin Roig. She was very easy to work with. Her story is very inspiring and truly touched everyone who attended the event.”

~ University of Connecticut

“Kaitlin could not have done better. I have received countless emails from staff saying what an engaging & uplifting speaker she was. She set the perfect tone for the year.”

~ Central Dauphin School District