Author, Speaker, Executive Director, Educator


IMG_6689.JPGPraise for Kaitlin’s book ‘Choosing Hope’

“A stirring memoir, capturing not only the brutality of the Sandy Hook tragedy but the incredible heroism, resilience, and grace that emerged in it’s wake.” -Arianna Huffington, co-founder and Editor in Chief of The Huffington Post

“Shows what being tough, courageous, and compassionate is all about.” Gabrielle Giffords, Former Congresswoman and New York Times-bestselling Author

“In Choosing Hope, she honors the memory of the children and educators whose lives were lost on that sad day.” Mrs. Laura Bush, Former First Lady of the United States

“A moving account of how Roig-DeBellis returned to normalcy by promoting generosity and accessing faith and positive thinking.” Wally Lamb, New York Times- bestselling Author

“A brave book by a courageous woman that reveals the healing power of compassion.” Karen Armstrong, New York-times bestselling Author

“Roig-DeBellis found a way to help all students nationwide with a new approach to teaching kindness.” Jay Matthews, Washington Post Education Columnist

“Everyday teachers go beyond the call of duty, touching children’s lives…Kaitlin is proof of that in so many ways.” Otha Thornton, President, National PTA

If you would like to contact Kaitlin regarding a Speaking Engagement or Book Signing, please contact AEI Speakers at 617-782-3111


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