You Are Enough (More Than)

you-are-enoughWe live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with things that we ‘need’, that we ‘must’ have. We turn on the TV, radio, open our computer, and it’s there. It’s everywhere, and it can be hard to escape or ignore. We feel trapped by the projection of all the things we need.

The truth is, most of these things, are just that-things. That we don’t need. That won’t fulfill us, or make us whole or bring us the joy that we are seeking. They are, in fact, just things. And yet, we feel so drawn to have them, we are made to feel that they are necessity. We make ourselves feel badly if we can’t obtain them. We set ourselves up for disappointment and stress, that is completely unnecessary.

Let’s look at an ordinary day (in my opinion the best kind of day). You wake up, (if you’re lucky) the sun is shining (if you’re lucky). You get dressed, brush your teeth, comb your hair. You eat breakfast. You read the paper, or watch the news, or check your email-or all 3. You drive (or walk) to work. You dedicate your time to your job. Maybe you work out, perhaps you meet friends. You drive home. You eat dinner. You watch TV. You settle in for bed. Each of these aspects of a ‘mundane’ ‘ordinary’ day, could and should be followed by ‘if you’re lucky’. These are the ‘things’ we need, that we need to focus on and celebrate and embrace.

If for a second of any day you get bogged down in the incessant onslaught from the outside world of the things you need: Re-read above (as many times as necessary). You and your dreams, ideas, people you love and value-are enough. More than. Don’t ever forget it.

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