Dare to Begin


“All glory comes from daring to begin.” E.F. Ware

When I started this blog I knew its’ purpose. I knew that I wanted to share more about the lessons I have learned-about overcoming, moving forward and choosing hope, even in the face of darkness-especially in the face of darkness. It is not always an easy choice, but it is the only way forward. I knew that beginning was the most important step-because it would enable me to reach readers and interact with them by sharing my hard stuff and the lessons I have learned.

For the past 2 years readers of #ChoosingHope have reached out to me on a daily basis to share their own ‘hard stuff’. They’ve shared their hearts with me and how reading has helped them to move forward in their own lives. I want to connect with these individuals in a meaningful way that goes past the pages of my memoir. Each and everyday we are confronted by hardship and struggle, moments that stop us in our tracks.

As I have continued to reflect over the past month about the shape I want Choosing Hope: The Blog to take, it has become very clear. It will be a place to share stories, ideas and lessons on a weekly basis around the key themes found in my memoir:

Choosing Your Purpose

Choosing Your Perspective

Choosing to Overcome

Choosing Hope

We can each decide that, no matter what happens in our lives, we have a choice. A choice in how to react. A choice in how to proceed forward. A choice in how to live. We always have the choice. And we can always choose hope.

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